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Recruitment references of Agxecutive

Attached a short presentation with some representative examples taken from our broad portfolio of Executive Recruitment missions delivered successfully during the last three years.

For a personalized quotation, please contact Natalia GHEORGHE, Managing Consultant @ +40743488020 or natalia.gheorghe(a)!

The graduation ceremony of the 1st promotion of BSAEP

Bucharest, July 12th, 2017: After 6 modules and 18 days of training during the first half of 2017, the first promotion of the Black Sea Agribusiness Executive Program ended with the graduation ceremony. 11 graduation certificates and 8 affidavits were awarded by the academic partner of the program, the agricultural engineering school ISA-Yncrea from Lille, France. The program is promoted in Romania via Agxecutive. Several speeches were delivered by the graduates, representatives of both partners, but also by Sorin CAMPEANU, the President of AUF and Severine JACOBS, Agricultural attachee of the Economic service of the French Embassy. BSAEP is the first French-Romanian continuous training program for the agro-food sector of Romania.  

Testimonial BSAEP: Module 6, 1st Promotion,Agricultural perspectives, Alexandru SIMA, Agronomic Engineer, Concordia Agro

In my opinion, the title of the last module of BSAEP, "Agricultural Perspectives" is more than well-chosen because it refers to tomorrow's agriculture. Agriculture that, to my luck, in our farm has alredy begun today. We use with great interest all the elements of precision agriculture, so by participating in this module I have managed to deepen the knowledge already held, but especially to find out new things that I will certainly try at some point. I found it very interesting how the trainer approached the subject, but also how he managed to connect the agriculture with the digital era. The module also had a cereal trading and risk management component, which I can say that has managed to shed light on this segment of agribusiness, and definitely it will be hanging hard in making decissions from now on. "Alexandru SIMA - Agronomic Engineer, Concordia Agro.

The 6th module of BSAEP has been delivered with success: risk management and digital agriculture v4!

Bucharest, 15-17th of June 2017: We have finished with success the 6th and last module of the 1st promotion of the continuous professional training for agri-food sector “Black Sea Agribusiness Executive Program” (BSAEP), an exclusive partnership between the agricultural engineer school, ISA Lille, and AGXECUTIVE. The module has been dedicated to the management of the agricultural risks with focus on cereals trading (1 day), to the digital agriculture “v4” (1 day) and, last but not least, to the realization of a “one page” executive memoir in which the trainees have highlighted to their management concrete suggestions of improvement following their participation in the BSAEP (1 day). On July 12th, we will hold the graduation event, where we will deliver to the trainees the certificates released by ISA Lille and recognized by the Education ministry of France. And, of course, stay tuned for the 2nd promotion during the coming Autumn! We wish you good Summer holidays and see you in big numbers at our future courses! 

4th module of BSAEP ongoing: HR management course with French trainer Pierre BREDAR

Bucharest, April 22nd, 2017: the 4th module of BSAEP is ongoing with HR matters in target. We learn with trainer Pierre BREDAR from ISA-Yncrea, Lille, France everything about career management, recruitment and employee motivation. All agro-food companies from Romania have a strong strategic leverage for implementing their ambitious competitive strategies: well trained, experienced and highly engaged People! 

3rd module of BSAEP ongoing: sales & purchases negotiations course with French trainer Alain MILLECAMPS

Bucharest, March 25th, 2017: At Black Sea Agribusiness Executive Programme by AGXECUTIVE we play hard and we train harder during the third module dedicated to purchase and sales negotiations with Alain MILLECAMPS from ISA-Yncrea, Lille, France. We upgrade the knowledge and business skills of the Romanian agribusiness professionals.

Testimonial BSAEP: Claudia COTOVEANU, Business Development Manager, Caussade Semences Est Europe

Bucharest, March 4th, 2017: "In the 2nd module of BSAEP, dedicated to marketing, I have studied the importance of the implementation in detail of a 'healthy' marketing strategy. I have learned about innovative go to market techniques used in other sectors, such as the food retail, and which we could also successfuly apply, upstream of the agrofood value chain, for instance in our segment of B2B(2C) supply of agricultural inputs to farmers." - Claudia COTOVEANU, Business Development Manager, Caussade Semences Est Europe

Testimonial BSAEP: Lucian URSE, CFO, Maisadour Semences Romania

Bucharest, 09-11/02/2017: „The Financial Controlling module of BSAEP helped me to better structure the notions that I already apply in my daily work. In agriculture, the financial and budgetary aspects must follow the production cycle and, for example, I have managed to implement in the Romanian subsidiary the financial year of Maisadour’s Group, our French mother company, closing on 30th of June which is different from the standard statutory fiscal year in Romania. Last but not least, I enjoyed this course as I had the opportunity to discuss financial topics with my colleagues, top managers of other companies, as well as with the qualified trainer in Financial Controlling from ISA. I have also tried to bring my active contribution within the group by sharing with my colleagues the professional experience that I have in this area.” – Lucian URSE, CFO, Maisadour Semences Romania SRL

The official photo of the first promotion of BSAEP!

Bucharest, 11/02/2017: Say (seeds - > farming - > harvesting - > cattle - > milking - > processing,  and finally... ) cheese! :) 

All the agricultural value chain is present in our first promotion, from seeds to fork! 

We train and upgrade the knowledge the most talented professionals of Romanian agro-food sector in partnership with one of the most respectable and reputed French agricultural engineering university, ISA from Lille! 

The first module of BSAEP is almost finished!

Bucharest, 11/02/2017: Today, a hard working Saturday, last day of the Financial Controlling module of the Black Sea Agribusiness Executive Programme. Critical analysis of the financial statements of agribusiness companies. Many thanks to Irina GUIHARD and Sophie GOZDZIASZEK from ISA, Groupe YNCREA, Lille, France, but also to all the involved traiees!