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Continuous education = key to competitiveness in agribusiness

Professional training programs at Executive, Open and In-House level on the needs of the beneficiaries.

Become competitive

Training people to become Experts

In addition to recruiting young talent or experienced specialists, continuing education for people working in the agri-food or agribusiness sector is the best thing companies should do to keep human capital at a competitive level. We regularly carry out professional training programs at Executive, Open and In-House level on the needs of the beneficiaries, together with our partners from the academic or private environment.


From our previous missions


Improve technically & management skills of People in agriculture

Strategic objective: to create and improve the transversal professional skills of the People in agriculture, both technically and in management. The target candidates for our courses are agribusiness companies looking for competitiveness and their talented professionals, with at least 3-5 years of experience, who want to develop their skills and career or which the company needs to develop in order to do facing professional challenges, with a focus on managers and technical-commercial representatives, but who in the avalanche of professional trainings existing on the market, have difficulties in identifying the specific content that best meets their needs and can better help them in obtaining the proposed results. We develop in-house for companies, suppliers and distributors of inputs, professional farms, grain traders and agri-food processing companies:

  • Strategic trainings at board and department level
  • R&OCSA initial analysis with quick wins and SMART action plans
  • Brand positioning, market research and marketing, competitive intelligence
  • Technical-commercial training of sales / field departments.

Reasons to participate:
  • Our program has a niche content, specifically for the agri-food sector.
  • It concretely answers current specific questions faced by professionals in the sector.
  • All the theoretical parts are illustrated by a practical part, derived from the experience of our trainers, professionals with old states in local agriculture.
  • For the certified training program, the participants write a one-page Executive Report which will be delivered to will be presented to an evaluation committee in order to issue a nationally recognized certificate.
  • For the In-House tailor made training program, our team of experts will deliver a full report with recommendations for the TOP management team - The report will contain constructive proposals shaped from the info and feedback we received during the program, all to optimize and improve the business of the company they come from.

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