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The Agxecutive team launched UnivAgx, a unique dual fast tracking training programme

Bucharest, 31.01.2022: Agxecutive team launched, starting with 01.01.2022, a dual fast tracking project, postgraduate, unique in the Romanian agribusiness sector, suggestively named UnivAgx.

This project aims to get the employers in this field out of the vicious circle of the “job-hopper” opportunistic employees, by creating new human resources for the agribusiness companies, transforming the students from the final years, into employees connected to the needs of the market.

The sources of the need are represented by:

  • Lack of compulsory and long-term internships in the agricultural Universities;

  • The lack of real motivation of the teachers to update their curriculum in coherence with the agricultural reality in the field;

  • The missing criteria from the budget of Universities for successful professional insertion in the labor market of the University graduates;

  • Graduates finish their studies without any practical experience and with inadequate technical and theoretical knowledge;

  • Employers who are willing to hire graduates are frustrated with their poor level and need to train them “on the job” at their own expense.

The target audience is represented by companies from all the agribusiness sector (suppliers, distributors, professional farms, etc.) and the students from the final year of the Agricultural Universities – future employees in the function of: technical sales representatives and farm managers of the companies.

UnivAgx represents a brief but effective training program consisting in the creation of the future human resource according to the specific needs of the employing companies, structured during a calendar year, within the students will follow a structured curriculum as follows:

01.06.2022 – 30.09.2022: 4 months of professional insertion internship within the beneficiary company, carried out together with the internship master (Agxecutive teacher/trainer) and the internship tutor (human resource within the beneficiary company);

01.10.2022 – 31.05.2022: 7 months of intensive theoretical courses in the classroom, together with the trainers/teachers selected by Agxecutive (business persons and teachers from the University);

15.12.2022 – 15.01.2023: 1 month of vacation.

Following this year of intensive training, both at the headquarters of the beneficiary companies, as well as inside a classroom in Bucharest, the graduates will benefit of an Undetermined Labor Contract inside the employing company, instead of a graduation diploma.

Agxecutive has been working since 2015 in the field of integrated HR services for agribusiness, and since 2016 our team has been providing continuous professional training programs to improve the human resource in agribusiness with a focus on the technical-commercial topics. Currently, the company positions itself as an integrator of consultancy services in agribusiness, leader of the sector, offering in addition: executive recruitment, continuous professional training, personnel leasing and consultancy in agribusiness.

Registrations and additional details at:

Phone: +40 743.488.078

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