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Conference on agricultural risks organized by CCIFER & CCIpR

Bucharest, March, 22nd, 2016: The Founder of Agxecutive, Mr. Florin CONSTANTIN, has moderated the annual Conference on agricultural risks in Romania, organised at Novotel hotel in Bucharest by CCIFER and CCIpR. The event had two round tables:

  • The first round table has been dedicated to the future mutual insurance fund(s) in Romania.
  • The second round table has been dedicated to good practices for risks mitigation and profit optimization. Such as precision agriculture and working in a more foreseeable environment. Farmers have options to produce within integrated direct value chains between farmers and industrial processors. They can also secure themselves against the sudden fluctuations of the commodities prices by taking coverage positions on future ag-commodities markets.

Agxecutive team was present and supported the event.

Many thanks to all the 120 guests, the sponsors and the organizers!

AGXECUTIVE launches the first course on HR Compliance in Romania

Bucharest, January 27, 2016: AGXECUTIVE launches for the first time Romania a training course dedicated to the optimization of the HR processes by focusing on the compliance area. Our consultants have built this theme starting from their years long consistent experience accumulated both in multinational companies and in consulting.

The HR Director and his Department have a significat role in managing the most important resource of any company: the PEOPLE. Every business depends on the qualities, capacities and the mobilization of the human resources for the development and defense of the corporate goals.

A big responsability of the HR Department is to ensure the compliance of HR processes. A good level of compliance of the HR processes, first of all internally with regard to corporate policies, but also with the external legal norms, serve the interests of the employer by increasing the efficiency of the people management initiatives. In return, the employees themselves feel included in a structured system with less subjectivism and arbitrary decisions, thus increasing the retention of talents, without major additional costs and boosting the employer branding notoriety.

The course is supporting the managers with responsibilities in alignment and implementation of HR compliance, initially starting with an introduction on personnel administration aspects and until the implementation of substantial HR processes.

More details in the attached file.

Happy New Year 2016!

We wish to all our Customers, Candidates and Agribusiness Professionals, a Happy New Year in 2016, with big yields, motivated teams and full achievement of all business targets and career goals!


AGXECUTIVE highlighted by Ziarul Financiar

 Bucharest, November 17th, 2015: Florin CONSTANTIN, Founder of AGXECUTIVE, has been recognised for his entrepreneurial initiative in the anniversary special edition celebrating 17 years of Ziarul Financiar, the reference daily economic journal of Romania.

Seminar on Competitive Intelligence at CCIFER moderated by the Founder of AGXECUTIVE

Bucharest, November 12th, 2015: Mr. Florin CONSTANTIN, Founder of AGXECUTIVE and Vice-President of the French Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Romania (CCIFER), has moderated a seminar on Competitive Intelligence as source of competitiveness for the Member companies of the Chamber. In the panel of speaking experts there were specialized CI consultants and professionals from agricultural machinery and automotive sector. The participants came from various sectors such as Big4 consulting, law firms, banking, IT and food. The seminar focused on three main subjects:

1.  Academic studies and professional training: a comparative analysis has been performed between France and Romania with focus on existing programs, public-private partnerships and the subsequent career opportunities for graduates.

2. Then, the defensive aspect of the competitive intelligence has been exposed, showing how small and large companies can defend themselves, by applying several good practices, against cyber threats, HUMINT aggressive initiatives, elaborated financial scams, but also how they can effectively protect their immaterial capital of intellectual property in international asymmetric contexts.

3. Last but not least, the participants debated on the high potential of competitive intelligence to offer effective levers for structured commercial prospection, “know your customer” analysis especially for exporting companies exploring new “exotic” markets, but also its’ capacity to provide due diligence support for mergers & acquisitions and building compliant advocacy initiatives in the normal civil dialogue with authorities and public stakeholders.

The participants concluded on the necessity to expand the public exposure of competitive intelligence in 2016 via a Conference. It will follow-up the general initiative of CCIFER in favor of enhancing the economic performance of Romania started in 2015 with the White Book on Competitiveness. The Conference will focus on the development of the industrial tissue starting from the competitiveness clusters and going towards integrated ecosystems of companies. 

AGXECUTIVE speeding up with a full team of HR experts

Bucharest, October 29th, 2015: AGXECUTIVE, the integrated HR services provider specialised in the agribusiness sector in Black Sea, announced today the recruitment of 2 new team members: Ramona LAPADATESCU and Dan CARCIUMARU.

Ramona, 35 y.o, will act as Research Consultant. She has more than 10 years experience as HR specialist in banking and business consultancy. She speaks English and Romanian.

Dan, 38 y.o., with more than 15 years of experience in the field of organizational development and training in pharma and agribusiness, is appointed as Senior O.D. Consultant. He speaks French, English and Romanian.


Dan CARCIUMARU - Senior OD Consultant  

Mobile: +40743488017

E-mail: dan.carciumaru(a)  


Ramona LAPADATESCU - Research Consultant

Mobile: +40743488018

E-mail: ramona.lapadatescu(a)


AGXECUTIVE has proudly become a member of CCIFER, the French Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Romania (

Barometer of risks seminar

Florin CONSTANTIN has moderated the seminar dedicated to the first Barometer of risks of the Romanian agriculture issued by Groupama Insurance following a survey conducted among farmers. The qualified 70+ people attendance was composed of agribusiness professionals, farmers, financial and insurance experts. Regarding HR aspects, 67% of the respondents consider the loss of a key employee during a peak of activity (i.e. harvest campaign) to be a risk for them, while 88% think that the main reason they will have difficulties to replace the respective role is the lack of qualified personnel in the area. The seminar has been hosted by CCIFER on the occasion of the monthly cocktail and took place at the Museum of the Village in Bucharest.

Agxecutive launches on ZF Live !

Florin CONSTANTIN, Founder and Alina DOBRA, Managing Consultant of AGXECUTIVE, have been invited at ZF Live. They have provided live details regarding the positive dynamics of the HR dimension of the agribusiness sector and have explained the proprietary concepts of the company forming the Executive Recruitment(R) service: among them Fast Profiling(R) and Active Sales(R). The discussion has highlighted the importance of a structured recruitment process of the managers, in a context marked by an increased interest of the investors for the Romanian agriculture, but also a reduced pool of candidates, with relatively few profiles providing solid proof value, from both experience and technical knowledge point of view. This puts the employers into a constant difficulty to find the necessary talents for the implementation of their development strategies. The interview enjoyed widespread viral dissemination among the agribusiness professionals who saluted the launch of AGXECUTIVE.