Welcome to Agxecutive

AGXECUTIVE provides integrated services in the human resources area, with exclusive focus on agribusiness sector. AGXECUTIVE is the leader of Agribusiness Executive Recruitment in Romania, Balkans and Black Sea:

  • Executive Recruitment ®: retained based, direct approach head hunting.
  • Technical and commercial training for the field and back-office personnel of the agribusiness companies.
  • HR Consulting: profiling, evaluation, team-building, organizational change management, strategies for 360 degrees career management, organizational design;
  • Payroll outsourcing and externalization of the compliance of HR processes.

AGXECUTIVE brings a new vision on the recruitment process of agribusiness professionals. We promote the concept of "Executive Recruitment ®”, because we are committed to FINDING people, in contrast with the classic "executive search", which is just a simple declaration of intent to look for people, without a solid obligation of a positive outcome.

The services inside the Executive Recruitment ® process are structured upon the highest quality standards and professionalism currently employed by the international recruitment firms with sectorial specialization.

Our team includes, both in the front-office (Business Development, Customer Service), as well as in back-office departments (Research, Consulting, Outsourcing) only specialists with previous experience in agribusiness, who know the dynamics and the specific needs of the sector and are in permanent contact with the top high-potential talents who are working in this domain.

Competitive advantages of AGXECUTIVE:

a) We are a team of specialists with solid experience in agribusiness;

b) We have exclusive focus on agribusiness: sector specialization is the guarantee of the utmost professionalism;

c) We have a thorough knowledge of the sector and of the people working within;

d) We approach directly the candidates through head hunting techniques;

e) We systematically undertake all the necessary steps in the research process with our Senior Analysts who detect and retain the valuable profiles, starting with the very beginning of the recruitment process;

f) We conduct searches of candidates both online and offline: the references obtained from social networks (LinkedIn etc.) are complemented by our direct, personal and permanent relationship with all the talented candidates in the market.